TRAMANIA achievements

1) Presentation

Tramania se présente (PDF in French)

2) 2011 : Collaboration with the Transport Museum of Liège – a fully fledged workshop for TRAMANIA:

Un mot du Directeur du Musée (in French)    Un mot de TRAMANIA au sujet du nouvel atelier (in French)

3) 2006-2011: The restoration of the SNCV trailer A.1584, to the benefit of TTA:

The restoration starts (June 2006)   Transfer from Blier to Burdinne (December 2006)  Restoration of the trucks (October 2007) 
New headlamps are casted (October 2008)  The tram is lifted and gets its radial trucks (February 2009)  Grids assembly (July 2010)

Move to the Transport Museum of Liège Natalis 1 2

4) 1993-2005: Subsidies and lobbying for the Vicinal Tramway Discovery Centre at Thuin:

The tram workshop at Thuin: the first success for TRAMANIA

The Vicinal Tramway Discovery Centre at Thuin: apotheosis

History of the Centre construction de Centre, seen by its project manager, Board member of ASVi and TRAMANIA.

TRAMANIA financial contribution: more than 203.000 Euros ! See list (in French).
Scenography design and installation: Pierre and Olivier at work  Headlamp preparation  Tram front reconstitution  A display 
Motor car type N 10480 ( 9283 )

Inventory of the Centre scenographic collections (in French).

5) Various

Exhibition organised by TRAMANIA at Treignes (Mach 2007 – December 2009)

Steam trip organised by TRAMANIA with HL 808, by the 29th September 2007